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What is Amazon PPC?
Amazon PPC is an advertising model that Amazon make accessible to its third-party sellers. This term PPC refer to Pay Per Click, that means advertiser only pay a fee to Amazon when a potential customer clicks and view their ad.
Should you invest in Amazon PPC? Yes, it helps you increase the visibility of your products, and increase your sales.
Amazon PPC
Amazon Supported Products Management
Get Sales With Refined Amazon PPC Ads Tailored for Your Businesses.
We pride ourselves to place us as the leading Amazon PPC agency like a well-oiled machine, where sound logic and solid data drive every step. Sponsored Products is one of the essential aspects of running a successful ecommerce business on Amazon yet, many sellers struggle to understand the concept completely. Our in-house statistics shows that over 55% of Amazon sellers fail to navigate the complications of Amazon PPC, and as a result, they end up spending thousands of hard-earned monies with nothing to show.
We help you to set your realistic targets and support in professional sellers’ structure and optimize their campaigns accurately, we have come up with the ideal solution – Solo Tech’s Amazon PPC Management Agency. On average, we have helped our customers increase their profits by 20% while bringing down the ACoS by 30% over time. Besides, our top-notch Amazon PPC marketing service enabled them to increase their market share and brand visibility, leading to new buyers and repeat orders.


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What Is Amazon Sponsored Products Advertising?
When we will help your business with keyword research, Amazon listing optimization, and register your brand and filing for a trademark, you’ll be ready for step two: advertising. Sponsored product is a cost-per-click (CPC) ad option. With Amazon CPC, you only pay when a buyer clicks your ad. You can manage how much amount you spend by setting your budget and choosing how much to bid per click.
Amazon sponsored products ads show up where purchasers will see them, both on the first page of search results and on product pages. This sets you directly beside competitors, emphasizing the importance of well-optimized product descriptions and images and a proper pricing plan.
With our Amazon sponsored products management, automatic and manual ad campaigns are also included. Automatic and manual campaigns have both keyword-based ads and product attribution goals. In the beginning of our Amazon advertising services, we’ll automatically set you up an automatic sponsored ad campaign. We would then be able to use those results to determine how we adjust with a manual ad campaign. Your keyword-based sponsored ads comprise broad matches, exact matches and phrase matching. To perform this properly, you can’t just throw darts. We use our tried-and-true experience, tools and tried-and-true tactics to ensure you get the most ROI.
Amazon PPC

How we Keep You Updated

As a part of the Amazon Affiliate marketing agency Program, we provide you with an absolute outline of how we can run successful week after week and month to month advertising efforts. We establish a month-by-month development target and explain our methodology in detail at each progression. We also make upgrades to the month-by-month estimations to guarantee we augment ROI, week after week and month to month reports will be shipped off you to keep you updated.
To follow a successful Amazon sponsored products campaign is an essential step for any prosperous Amazon sellers. Ultimately, it is one of the most crucial steps in determining whether you succeed or not on Amazon.

Brand Management Sponsored By Amazon

It’s time to Take Your Amazon Ads to the Next Level
Once you’ve established yours brand on Amazon, the next step in our Amazon advertising services is to promote your business. Amazon sponsored brands help you increase your brand awareness with ads that appear in search results. You can use custom messaging -- including your brand logo -- to showcase your products the way you want them to see.
Your products will be pushed without any competitors to advertise your brand. As mentioned above, sponsored products ads are the second step for your Amazon strategy. Amazon sponsored brands advertising would be step three. The timing and execution of Amazon sponsored brands advertising can make the difference in turning a one-time buyer into a lifelong consumer of your products.
New companies on Amazon wouldn’t want to use sponsored brands ads right away. After some time, however, you will need to use Amazon branded advertising (especially prior to the holidays) to help customers get more familiar with your offerings and promote product loyalty.
Our Amazon PPC experts can help customers -- whether new or existing -- set logical expectations with their Amazon advertising campaigns. As a feature of our Amazon PPC management, we put together strategic marketing plans to achieve those targets. In the process of execution, we adjust strategies based on data and analytics to achieve or go beyond your expectations. We work side by side with you to ensure we’re aligned with your business individual and special needs.

Amazon Product Display Ads

Our PPC and Social Medial Experts Add Value to Your Advertising Budget
Solo Tech not only struggle to help you with your internal Amazon advertising options (as mentioned above), but we also assist clients with external options such as Amazon product display ads.
As part of our Amazon PPC agency options, we frequently work with ecommerce clients to construct advertising campaigns using Google Ads, Bing or YouTube or through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Amazon PPC
We have several PPC advertising experts and social media advertising specialists who specialize in advertising campaigns and work closely with our Amazon team of experts to ensure you produce the most effective ads that get the most conversions and return on investment.
We help you build an Advertising budget that best allocates your resources for internal and external advertising choices. While driving sales to Amazon is the most profitable and latest way to grow online, selling products or services on the Internet is not new. And we have years of experience delivering high ROI and low ACoS.
Also, be sure to ask us about the new Amazon Attribution model that permits brands to measure the effects of display ads, search and video channels based on how customers discover, research and purchase their products. We help you utilize sales impact examine across non-Amazon media channels that will support you identify where your leads originate that allows you to adjust your advertising budget accordingly. This is a major advantage in helping you maximize your marketing budget.

Amazon Video Advertisings

Catch the Attention of Mobile Buyers to Increase Engagement and Sales
For a successful ecommerce business, you must cater to mobile users. Your digital marketing plans must include ways to reach people thumbing by web pages on their mobile phones. You need a way to grab mobile buyers’ attention and then keep it. Nothing attracts consumers and keeps them engaged better than video ads. This is even more vital in trying to allure to a younger audience.
Our Amazon marketing agency helps you to connect your target audience and shows you how video ads can best deliver the highest ROI. We effort with you to create the most effective video ads and what your offers should be to drive the most public from videos to sales on Amazon.
Our Amazon experts can save your quality time, expense and hassle by creating high-quality photographs of your products and complementary lifestyle images that will boost sales and brand recognition. Photographing your products can really halt your success, but we have an in-house photography team as well as external vendor options to deliver high-resolution, optimized images in a timely trend. We know the demands to make your images standout to all Amazon shoppers.When you complete Amazon brand registry, you can get advantage of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content that’s usually referred to as A+ content. This content comprises the use of those high-quality images and videos. We also support you enhance your product descriptions.
Amazon PPC

Amazon Vendor Central Management

Boost Your Bulk Sales Through an Impactful Amazon Ad Campaigns.
As an experienced Amazon PPC agency, we can also assist customers who desire to wholesale their products to Amazon. So, you want to be a first-party vendor who acts as a supplier by selling in bulk to Amazon? Take benefits of our Amazon marketing agency’s resources and tools that will help you get the most ROI.
We create a targeted Amazon advertising campaign to promote your sales of bulk products. We also assist you to understand the fees related with being an Amazon Vendor Central customer and how to best manage a minimum advertised price (MAP) agreement. We meet with sellers to help them navigate the Amazon Vendor Central environment, including understanding the actual cost of goods sold, the true marketing price and the true MAP contract relationships. Solo Tech can monitor and enforce the MAP policies on Amazon.

Amazon Al Advertising Management

We Make Quicker, Smarter Decisions Through Computer Science
Solo Tech has state-of-the-art technology through a proprietary Amazon Artificial Intelligence (AI) advertising management system that we utilize with customers who have minimum a 90-day sales record on Amazon. Ninety days into your Amazon journey, we can add consumers into our Amazon AI advertising management system to help you achieve the absolute most out of your advertising campaigns and marketing budget.
We have a way of getting a second set of eyes -- the smartest set of eyes everywhere -- on your advertising campaigns in the form of Amazon AI. This permits s you to not only get the great advantages of Solo Tech’s human proficiency and experience but also the latest, advanced AI input as well. You will receive both choices, making our Amazon advertising services the best in the industry.

Packages Plan

Aggressive Plan

15% of ad spend / month
  • $0 - $11,923/month ad spend (paid to networks)
  • Up to 2,000 keywords targeted
  • Google Ads & Bing Networks
  • Strategic bid management
  • Tracking for 100 web lead phone calls
  • Transcription for 25 web lead phone calls

Market Leader Plan

12% of ad spend / month
  • $11,923 - $49,676+/month ad spend (paid to networks)
  • Up to 10,000 keywords targeted
  • Google Ads & Bing Networks, plus Google Shopping
  • Up to 2 personal consultations
  • Fraud activity monitoring
  • Rule-based bidding management

Enterprise Plan

12% of ad spend / month
  • $49,676+/monthly ad spend (paid to networks)
  • Up to 10,000 keywords targeted
  • Landing page template setup
  • MarketingCloudFX lead tracking
  • Website conversion analysis reporting
  • Website conversion analysis reporting