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Our smart management services for Google search advertising powers your sales by bringing potential customers to your site every day.

Google AdWords agency you want to work with.

At Solo Tech, we manage your Google Ads account, targeting the right keywords that will drive buyers to your site. Our highly focused keyword research will determine the most cost-effective approach to achieving consumers searching for exactly what you offer. We will make effective paid search campaigns focused on meeting your target cost per sale lead, using powerful research tool and industry experience. Investment in Google Ads will help you find highly eager buyers who wouldn’t necessarily find it through organic search engine techniques
Our aim is to convert each dollar you invest into multiple dollars of profit creating a sustainable, successful campaign.

Your Skyrocket PPC Campaign uses Reliable Google PPC Advertising Agencies

Utilizing a Google Ads agency for paid advertising permits you to exhibit your product/service to potential customers when they are making a purchase. We effort with you to create high-performance results-driven campaigns with a target of lead generation, not only clicks.
Using these Google ads, you can be sure that your overall visibility and online recognition will be enhanced. By Doing so you can make a more professional concept for your potential customers, create a more eminent impression in your industry, your segment, the top PPC agencies in UK twice as you know your campaign is in trusted hands.
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google adword

Successful PPC Campaign Generation

A successful PPC campaign needs attentive ongoing management to achieve optimal consequences. Our Google Ad campaign process is performed by an initial setup and optimization phase followed with ongoing reporting, assessment, and account management for maximum value and performance. As a Google Ads agency, we frequently observe a conversion rate of clicks to lead to sales of up to 20%. Our focus on these features of your business goes hand in hand with our strong reporting style. This is what makes Solo Tech the leading and a successful digital marketing agency. If you’re searching for an Ads agency, you’ve come to the right site.
We fully understand how to monetize your paid advertising by working as a Google Ads agency with the newest and most advanced software. We will track your ads and control them accordingly. By analyzing your ads, we can see the most successful ads you and their audience.

Partner with Solo Tech, Premium Google Ads Agent.

Solo Tech utilize CLO technology continuously to improves Google Ads campaign results to ensure you achieve the best results.

Optimization Of Google Ads

Boost Website Leads and Sales

Acquire more online conversions, including form submissions and paid purchases needed for first-time interactions with potential buyers and grant them a voice to intrigue them even more. By that boost your sales and public image.

Drive Website Visit

Get the relevant traffic to your site from people who are searching for your products or services, increasing your lead generation and business expansion. Solo Tech investigate how to identify ads to their potential audience. You will search with the software that permits us to observe specific traffic or searches.

Calculate Your Success

Our advanced platform allows you can track the total return on your investment. It means that patterns and success can be examined build on many elements, including time of year, local success, and more.

Get More Calls

Increase customer calls by associating the calls you receive with your keywords. This beneficial information will help you bid higher on the keyword that calls against the keyword that resulted in a click. These details help us optimize your ads and focus on what makes them successful for your audience and further tailor the ads that can improve their performance. By following these techniques, we can ensure that our customers do not spend on clicks that may not lead to successful leads.

Solo Tech is one of Google’s Premium Partners.

Outstanding Google Ads Management
Our agency run award-winning campaigns that bring real results, calls, form submissions and online sales. By focusing on our campaign, we generate as many questions as possible for you. Our campaigns are built on actual conversions, not just on-site visits. Get in touch with our team, PPC Surrey Agency
Let’s grow your business, with the agency that will provide true results.
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We Know Your Business needs and Suggest the Best Digital Marketing Strategies.

Our Specialists Are Business Professionals.
Our team is not only a Google Ads expert but also understand the challenges that all digital businesses face. We have years of industry experience with specialized knowledge and strategies that are difficult to find in our sector. The strategies we are running have been proven in many industries.
We will effort with you to develop strategies that will carry real results and increase revenue. We encourage customer ideas, take them into account and apply them where necessary.

Operating Google Ads with CLO Technology

With more than 5 years of development, our CLO technology and distinctive reporting platform have enabled us to boost efficiency and return for our client’s paid advertising campaigns. You can get cutting-edge technology with us along with leading Google Ads agencies.
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Google Ads Management



Google Ads (formerly Google Ads and Google Ads Express) is an online advertising solution that businesses use for their products and services promotion on Google Search, YouTube, and other websites across the web. Google Ads account helps advertisers to customize their budget and targeting and start or stop ads whenever they need.

Google Ads and Google Ads Express are the titles of the new and advanced Google Ads.

Google Ads function by showing your ads when people search for their desired products and services you offer online. By griping smart technology, Google Ads will help your ads show to potential customers when they’re ready to react.

  1. You start by picking your goals, such as getting more visitors to your site or more calls to your business.
  2. You then choose the geographic area where your ad should be display. That can be a small radius on every side of your business or much wider, such as a city, county, or entire country.
  3. Ultimately, you will need to create your ad and set your monthly budget limit.

When your ad is approved, it will appear when users in your target area search for a product or service like yours. You pay only when people engage with your ad, such as clicking on it or calling your brand.

  1. Search campaigns – normally in text format, these advertise can appear on a Google search result page when someone searches for a product or service like yours.
  2. Display campaigns – Usually in image formats, these ads will display on the sites or apps your customers visit.
  3. Video campaigns – Usually 6 or 15-second videos, these ads will be appearing before or during YouTube content.

CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) means that you only pay for your ad when somebody clicks.

Other structures of advertising include:

Cost per impression, which you pay based on the number of times your ad is display (not clicked).

The cost per engagement, which you pay when a user completes a pre-arranged engagement. (E.g., viewing your video ad)

Your Google Ads costs are controlled by your budget settings. Google Ads works for many budgets. You will be charged only when users link with your ad, for-instance clicking to visit your site or calling your business with Google Ads. There is no minimum spend needs and no fixed contract time. You can stop ads anytime, the cost of clicks or calls may be vary depending on certain elements.

You can join for Google Ads by clicking here. Our guided setup procedures will guide you by creating your first ad in just a few steps. If you need support in signing up, our Google Ads experts are ready to set up your new account and help you make your first campaign at no additional fee.

SEO is a long-term process and it require setting up your site and getting the right online presence, ultimately provide you more organic search and referral traffic. You don’t have to pay for that traffic. But you will be paying our time and money to get it accurate.

SEO should always be an important component of your digital marketing mix and will often be overlooked and overlooked by both business professionals and web developers.

Google Ads is a fast process to bring traffic to your site. It’s fast to set up and it’s a quicker procedure to generate more traffic than SEO (in general). These both are in process investments. As a substitute, you’ll only pay for Ads clicks if someone is (generally) interested in your product or service.

With SEO, you require investment before you get traffic and with Google Ads, you generally pay only when people click through to your website.

Both are essential, and certain SEO techniques will help improve the quality of your Ads campaigns.

It is important to know that showing paid ads to Google will not create any difference to your organic search ranking, although it can upgrade your general listing’s click-through rate. (Because searchers see your business in the ad carefully before scrolling down).

Normally, when I hear this viewpoint about Ads, it was caused by running a campaign in-house with no real knowledge or bad experience. “Pile up” selling cheaply by a hard-selling call strategy “Agency”.

Running an Ads campaign without realizing how to use the platform can be a recipe for a rapid burn of money. With the first campaign, I worked for my customer. I saved nearly 50% of my ad spend in minutes as they were displaying ads for completely inappropriate search terms. For other client managing their campaigns using Google’s general hotline, I halved my cost per click from £ 2 to £ 1, meaning they were spending twice formerly. That is not unusual for me to utilize an internally managed Ad’s account and turn my average click-through rate from 1-2% to more than 10% (and sometimes higher) and get results that are multiple times the ad cost.

All these metrics are very good. But I’m going to break down the kinds of conversion tracking so you can track the monetary value, which is the ultimate metric to calculate.

Normally, when I hear this opinion about Ads, it comes down to running a campaign in-house without real knowledge or poor experience with the category. “Piling up” cheaply by a hard-selling call strategy “Agency”.

Running an Ads campaign without knowing how to use the platform can be a recipe for a rapid burn of money. With the first campaign, I worked for my customer. I saved nearly 50% of my ad spend in minutes as they were displaying ads for completely inappropriate search terms. For other clients running their campaigns using Google’s general hotline, I halved my cost per click from £ 2 to £ 1, meaning they were formerly spending twice as much. It is not unusual for me to use an internally managed Ad’s account and change my average click-through rate from 1-2% to more than 10% (and sometimes higher) and get results that are multiple times the ad cost.

All these metrics are good. But I’m going to break down the kind of conversion tracking so you can track the monetary value, which is the ultimate metric to calculate.

Creating an Ads campaign can be quite complicated if you do well and must have a proper knowledge of the platform. Not just a click of a button Set up a new campaign demands the following and more:

  1. Understand your advertising aims
  2. Understand your products and the advantages of them.
  3. Choosing which campaign type is best
  4. Good Keyword research
  5. Building the right campaign size to reduce costs.
  6. Your campaign plan can result in multiple Ads campaigns being created to be more successful.
  7. Building many “ad extensions” to make your ad more attractive.
  8. Writing copy for several advertisements
  9. (It’s not unusual for a “normal” campaign to have 100 ad variants if performed well)
  10. Creating or entering details for various banner ads. (If using display)
  11. Establishing conversion tracking within Google Analytics
  12. (It looks easy, but it can take very long time)
  13. Small edits to your site to allow conversion tracking.

… And much more.

That takes a lot of time but in the end, it means your money will go the extra mile and you will have a good return. A well-set campaign will save you precious money and potentially get a lot of money.

Your campaigns requirements are to be managed and optimized regularly in order to perform better over time and enable you to expand.

This includes making new ad groups and keywords, pausing ads or inactive keywords, advising on new campaigns, checking if the budget is sufficient, and giving advice on where to stay. It will increase to ensure that your ad will not show irrelevant Keywords and much more.

The inventory is not persistent. Millions of calculations are calculated in the real-time auction whenever an ad is served. Optimizing means that your campaign will continue to upgrade and expand. Even if nothing is touched and other advertisers begin a new campaign, your results can vary greatly from week to week or month to month.

Perhaps, but probably not if they’re well known. You must not have entered the keywords that you have set up in your account, you may find that your budget is inadequate to reach all searchers, or Your ‘Quality Score’ is lower because of your site, your ads are not shown all the time, either because advertisers have excluded your local computer address to improve campaign performance or not targeting people in your ‘Quality Score’ the position where you are.

Google has some good workers. But when you call the main hotline, you’re unlikely come by the same person if you must help many people and won’t be able to help with more fine elements like tracking your return on investment and talking about it. The best targets to set in Analytics to measure.