Local SEO(Search Engine Optimization)


Local SEO is the procedure of improving the local search visibility of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), brick-and-mortar shops and multiple- location businesses within a geographic region. Solo Tech internet Marketing Agency provide conversion-driven local SEO service to ensure your business ranks higher in SEO local search queries and obtains profitable growth. Whether you are a single location serving a local community or multiple locations in a state or country, our experts have proven strategies and plans to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Around 98% of people use the Internet when searching for local products and services.
In a marketing survey marketer were asked what type of searches has the greatest impact on their marketing objectives. Almost 56% of respondents said local searches had the most positive effect.
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Why Local SEO Is Vital for Your Business

Built a Lasting Image Across Search Engines and Your Prospects
In this age of competitive digital landscape, investing in the best local SEO service could make difference between a growing business and failing establishment. Evidently, digital supremacy has made it essential for all size of businesses to focus their efforts on local SEO optimization. Local SEO for small businesses is a key strategy for achieving desiring leads and converting them into sales. If you don’t have a local SEO plan for your brand, you could be doing more harm to your business than you initially realize.
As a dedicated local SEO Agency, we don’t just execute local SEO services and give local business SEO reports. Our local SEO experts also describe to your team 1) what is local SEO and 2) how to perform local SEO effectively. To assure we are on the same page, we make a local SEO checklist that outlines each local SEO strategy included in your packages.

Our Local SEO Services are:

• We’ll analyze your business details across the web. We take the time to make sure your business information is correct to give you the best possible error-free local identity.
• We will continue to optimize Google My Business, Bing, and Yahoo Local. We will ensure that these business profiles have the same brand identity and are optimized for your targeted location or service place.
• We will add you to the second-level local business list, like Angie’s List, Foursquare, Mojo Pages and Yelp. Our team will explore your industry-specific information and submit your business details.
• We will establish business references which can be determined as references to your business name and address on another websites. A sample of a citation will be a listing on your local Chamber of Commerce website that references your business. But there are no links back to your site. We make use of high-quality third-party sites to create referrals for your business.
• We’ll help you get reviews online. 86% of customers read reviews online before shopping local services. Online reviews can give positive evidence of your company and help increase the trust of your customers. We can support you implement an effective online review acquisition plan, as well as guide for the best software for marketing, customer reviews.
While working with Solo Tech on your local SEO campaign, you will get regular, detailed reports and logs that you can check at any time to monitor the performance of your local search engine optimization.
Every month we will send:
• Google Analytics reports
• Keyword ranking report (out of the tools you can check at any time to check your ranking)
• Hour and task reports detailing what we have executed.
• A summary video from your dedicated SEO expert to review local SEO developments and monthly goals.
• Your local SEO specialists are always available by phone or email in case if you have anything to discuss. The more we have contact with you, the better we can achieve your objectives.
44% of consumers use search engines as their primary means to search local business details. Make sure your website is the one to be found with our local SEO services.

Why Solo Tech’s Local Services are Better Than Others

Solo Tech Internet Marketing Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency to Attract, Impress, and Convert more leads and achieve results. Mastering how to do local SEO needs years of experience and training to make profitable results. We know that juggling trade operations while boosting local SEO citations and working on other local SEO marketing techniques could take a toll on your efficiency and sanity. That is why our local SEO agency is here to take the extra tasks off your shoulders.