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You have a website, but you are still afraid to move forward just because you cannot market online. No worries we are here to support you.  Our SEO experts have been hearing this repeatedly from our SEO clients and solve every customer’s issue that help us to build a strong trust between the clients and company.

You’re likely here for one or more of the following motives:

  1. If you can’t find your website online.
  2. If your website traffic has declined and you don’t know reasons.
  3. Unusually, your incoming call volume and leads drop.
  4. You just started a new website and wish to grow your new business quickly.

SEO Company

If any of above-mentioned issue you are facing rest assured that you arrive at the right SEO company. There’s a reason why Solo Tech serves Numerous SEO clients and provide optimization solutions to meet ever-evolving algorithm of Google.



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We Provide SEO Solutions to Solve Your issues

Our goal Is To Expand Your Online Business.
Since 2016, we have been offering SEO solutions for businesses looking to expand their online presence, increase leads and increase their revenue. Our tried-and-true SEO techniques and practices have resulted in many success stories for our clients. Here are a few more recent examples:

E-commerce Business


Website Traffic


Revenue Organic
From the customer:
“Unlike other digital marketing agencies, Solo Tech experts are always very responsive and actively involved in fixing our problems. It’s like they’re part of our team and we can always rely on them for the problems and questions we have."

Construction Company


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Leads Online
From the customer:
“Solo Tech went even further and made me focus on other parts of business development. Solo Tech know the complex needs of what we want to achieve.”
Do you exit on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) for keywords that match your business or brand? If No, you would lose valuable sales chances. Finding your website to the top of search engines is not a dream, its’ an option that you may choose if you want to increase your business. It is an essential part of any product or service marketing plan and increases quality leads and sales.

SEO Services

Increase Your Search Rank and Get More Existence Online
Search Engine Optimization – SEO
Search the keywords correctly and carefully. Our research and white hat Seo techniques can help you out to acquire a high ranking on the major search engine.
Web Design & Development
There’re millions of sites on the Internet, you want to assure your website stands out, represents you, and, above all helps your business and organization grow.
social media marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is an essential part of connecting with your audience. Separately working on your site, we help keep your social media community occupied.
content writing
Content writing
We have a passionate team of writers that produce SEO friendly content for your site, to engage your audience and help them to know what they want. Search engines love websites that add up to date content on a regular basis. Choose one of our SEO services to support your content needs and support your search marketing.
Amazon marketing
Amazon Marketing
Get your site on Amazon is never easy! This competition is always fierce and tough. We are here to help your brands to be found in this enormous market.
Conversion Optimization
Conversion Optimization
Convert maximum website visitors to customers! Our experts apply the newest conversion optimization methods to help convert passive website visitors into active customers.
Conversion Rate Optimization-CRO
Solo Tech CRO services, increase the lifetime value of customers and increase online business. Our SEO company combines pay-per-click marketing with our SEO services to increase your conversion opportunities. We do website analysis, landing page optimization and A/B split testing
E-Commerce SEO
Our fully managed E-Commerce plan comes with many benefits. It becomes essential in case of e-commerce websites as you not only need to attract visitors but convert them into your customers. No wonder there is a great craze for eCommerce SEO services. So, optimize your website for mobile and voice search to create a personalized brand experience.
Video Production
Video has been the most effective tool of communication and engagement. We provide video marketing solutions to engage your audience by telling stories which excite everyone even inspire people to take an action.

Why is Solo Tech SEO Service Better Than Others?

Our SEO solutions perform the job: we have proven it repeatedly.
Experience Matters
Solo Tech is helping businesses in every industry grow online to increase their profit. We have clients experience and success stories to support businesses of all kinds looking to expand their online traffic and increase leads. Most of our SEO experts have been industry leaders since years. Our professional’s team works together If anyone has a problem, we all get in.
Dedicated SEO Professionals
Our dedicated SEO Professional team is working day and night to make complex and sometimes overwhelming technical search engine optimization processes as easy as possible for our clients. No matter how much time you have invest striving hard, it is never too late. As one of the many ways we give each client a single contact to manage your project. You get to know your growing professional SEO and they will get to know your business and understand your particular needs.
Relationships & Results
We rely on our two core values: relationships and results. We valued our every customer, that is our pillar. We have SEO professionals specializing in supporting businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large, national franchises - achieve exponential growth. Our search engine optimization companies trust in owning the voice of our clients. We work hard every day to prove it.
We’re Always Getting Better
SEO is a never standstill service. SEO is continuously changing as multiple Google algorithm updates each year impact our ranking elements, and we're always up to date with recent news and the latest trends. Our search engine optimization companies are constantly learning and applying new methods and constantly updating them to take the lead in.
We Play Fair
Solo Tech worth honesty and integrity in every field. All the time we maintain fairness and use white hat SEO to get better search results without sending spam to the system or taking risk on the system, which may result in penalties for Google. In short: we don't have to cheat to win SEO. As Google’s premier partner, we follow the rules and will never harm your business in any way. We never compromise our integrity.
Transparent Reporting
As a Professional agency being transparent and real reporting is our duty. May be our competitors use smoke and mirrors, we maintain complete transparency, so you can easily acknowledge how our efforts can increase your online revenue. Our customize detailed reports include 24/7 access to online customer portals, Google Analytics reports gives a comprehensive overview of your website’s SEO performance, regular keyword rankings, and monthly breakdown of the SEO tasks we perform, and a monthly video summary, reviewing SEO improvements and strategies.

SEO Services You Can Expect From Solo Tech

Solo Tech as a full-service digital company provides a series of comprehensive professional search engine optimization services, so that your website can achieve prominent results in search by using only authentic, future-oriented white hat SEO techniques. Popularity, such as:
• Customized SEO strategy: We customize SEO services to fulfill your needs. We use strategies that have the greatest effects on your unique business.
• Complete on-site SEO: title tags, meta descriptions, alternative tags, internal links, etc.
• Comprehensive keyword research and complete market analysis.
• High-quality copywriting to keep your website content update and encourage repeat traffic.
• In-depth and detailed match evaluation.
•Attentive link building: by hand on several domains with high domain authority.
• Organic SEO strategies for long-term consequences alongside paid ads for quick optimization.
• Publishing articles on social media sites and news agencies.
• Google Analytics and many tracking software to learn from current traffic trends and more.

Solo Tech Agile SEO Methodology

Your Crucial Step To Digital Success
Google Algorithm is constantly evolving. To rank high in searches, you need to invest in the right SEO services tailored to your business needs, needs, and target customers. Using old SEO strategies is not enough to maintain an effective online presence, you need to find a reliable SEO agency that can boost your digital marketing efforts.
Solo Tech Digital Marketing Agency is a customer-focused SEO company. Our SEO experts work closely with our clients to develop personalized SEO strategies that drive long-term revenue. We use techniques that have been proven to be effective and efficient, we are able to provide high-quality and measurable results.
Our SEO service uses a method called “Agile SEO” which allows us to create a robust campaign framework that brings value to your business. The Solo Tech Agile SEO approach is built on the following process:
As your search engine optimization agency, we take some time to understand your business demands, needs, and expectations. During this analyzing, we hold meetings with our client’s key stakeholders and conduct preliminary site audits. Subsequently, we'll identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), determine your conversion path, and go thorough keyword research. By that, we gain in-depth knowledge of the company's processes, site objectives, and objectives.
Analysis is the next step that balance the competitive comparisons, in-depth site audits, audits, site analysis, and related risk assessments. At this juncture, we collect and analyze all your business facts to determine the elements affecting your digital presence. We inspect your previous traffic patterns, onsite technical problems, competitor backlink strategies, and link building strategies. We employ analytics to determine the best possible solution for your SEO.
When we have recognized your gaps and market opportunities, our SEO team will create a 60-day Strategic Online Marketing Plan (SOMP) that covers your campaign goals, expected results for each marketing channel, and completion times. Approximately During the first month of your campaign, our SEO agency is focused on the major aspects of your SEO. This is to make you sure that all our SEO efforts brings targeted results instantly.
At this point of time, we start SOMP operations. We optimize your web pages and blog posts with high-performing keywords, upgrade your site structure and manage your business listing. Our SEO company also takes advantage of specific strategies. To upgrade your overall SEO results, we use social media management campaigns and reach third party websites to increase your online display.
By the time you join with our SEO services, we have built a tracking system that allows us to observe your online progress and understand the effects of an SEO campaign. We monitor and inspect keyword ranking and KPIs analysis. Our SEO experts also focus on organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, local visibility and click-through rate (CTR). Following your SEO efforts, we get the facts and information. Workable insights and improve your optimization strategy.
Solo Tech SEO team regularly schedules monthly consultations and reports with your project manager to keep you up to date on the progress of your campaigns. Throughout our consultation, we will present you with a complete report giving a survey of your site performance. This includes trends, your KPIs, overall traffic and rankings. We we’ll create a 90-day plan every month, so you realize how your campaigns are performing and what's coming.

Solo Tech SEO Code of Conduct

Our company is dedicated to honesty and personal responsibility in working. All SEO companies do not follow these types of rules and their clients tend to suffer the price.
As a provider of Internet marketing and search engine optimization services to our customers, we are constantly striving to obtain higher
rankings, better traffic & conversions, and a positive ROI for our sites. Our customers while following our code of SEO ethics.

Why is Search Engine Optimization an important investment?

We go after what we teach to provide the highest ROI.

Each business owner desires more rewards. Everyone wants better margins, SEO saves you money, consider SEO as an employee: SEO never stops, SEO never calls sick, SEO never stops, SEO is right for you constantly, even day and night.
SEO is one of the most trending ways to adopt these days. Proper SEO will bring customers to your website and direct them to your product, service, and brand pages.
Our experts handle the online needs of the growth of our clients’ businesses and spent years refining our SEO strategies. What we do is Explore the unlimited options not only for our customers But also applicable to our website also.
Solo Tech has attained exponential growth and has been the fastest-growing private company in America for four years in a row.
We believe in search engine optimization (SEO) so much that we believe in it. It is the lifeblood of our business.
We will assure you that our best SEO services will be blessing for your business. Without search engine optimization (SEO), you page would not be appear in searches. How would people find your site? Obviously with a Google search? If so, get your Digital presence with our Services.


  • Search engine optimization is usually known by abbreviation as SEO, optimization is the base of all SEO practices when your brand’s presence. (Website,
    Content and Social Media Platform) are optimized on the internet, you will increase your appearance online. Your website will discover its way to the first page of
    search engine results pages (SERPs), and your online customers will also find your business quicker.

SEO is the service of changing your online identity, specifically your website, making it more charming to search engines like Google and Bing. Search engines crawl (or scan) your web site to understand what it’s all about. Best SEO practices make it uncomplicated for search engines to understand your site. SEO
expands general website traffic and the status of your site visitors at no additional price. It does not cover paid media or placements, and direct
traffic is not included. With an effectual SEO strategy applied on your website, Google will recognize it as a competent site and point users in the
direction of their site.

There are small differences between all search engines. Although, you can focus on Google in your SEO strategy as most of your target market will take benefits
of this leading search engine. Moreover, most of the organic traffic comes from Google.

It is preferable to hire an experienced SEO agency or professional and this expense should be cover in your marketing expenses. The amount you should expect
to pay is compatible with the scope of the work required to ensure success. The digital agency or SEO professional will charge you after seeing the capacity of the project and when you have presented your predetermined expectations. The average hourly amount to hire an agency or SEO professional is around $150 per hour.

Yeah, you can –but it takes knowledge and learning through trial and error. But it is possible to apply a basic SEO strategy on your website.
Although, SEO is time-consuming and in order to do it in right way, you need to focus on both technical SEO and on-page SEO Algorithms in several search engines.

There are three factors that directly impact your SEO ranking, even if you only use a basic search strategy on your website. These factors to be aware of include:

Page Load Time – Slow loading of website will bounce your visitors and are more likely to visit a competitor’s site. Google (and all search
engines) will rank your site lower because of the in-time. Slow loading of page needs to be paid close attention to as we get closer to a
crucial update that Google confirmed. In the March 2021 Core Web Vitals Update will focus on three areas that have direct and dramatic results – Affect the user
experience on your web site. The page loading time feature in this update and is exceptionally important in maintaining your ranking or reaching the top of the SERP
Keyword Selection – Your keywords must be carefully chosen so that your website and pages appearance under the correct search terms your ideal customers are
searching for.
Content Creation– Creation of quality content on your website, will make it easy for you audience to find your site quickly and will be on your site to learn
more. These increase the residence time, which helps you out to increase your ranking in search engines.

Blogging intensifies your SEO strategy on your website. But if built with optimization in mind only Search engines are searching for content on your website that will adequately response user questions. Consequently, by creating and sharing high-quality and in-depth blogs that mention relevant matters in your industry, you are more likely to be identified as a dependable source of search topics, with on-page SEO strategies to discover. Make your blog easier and accessible.

SEO and pay-per-click or other paid media alternatives can work together to promote and upgrade the development of your website and place your brand as the authority in your industry or market segment. SEO usually offers much better return on investment. When compared to the paid media options That don’t mean SEO is low-price
and easy. Right practices take a lot of time and resources. But the long-term payoff is huge and sustained. Most of the time, SEO and paid marketing work together for the great results.

It all relies on your goals and your search campaign strategy. Most of SEO experts will estimate four to six months before you begin to see results. Remember that this is the time when you start to see results, not when you obtain your established goals.

SEO is a multifaceted practice that need a lot of different measures on a site to be optimized for search. Many people associate SEO with excellent content because search algorithms have highlighted content as a ranking factor. The algorithm is looking for content that satisfies the user’s search need or intent.
If your content provides complete satisfaction to user, Google will serve your website to users. But a good content alone is not a good SEO practice – you need links from trusted external sites that point to your website in the form of backlinks, and those external sites must have a good domain score.In addition, best practices include full on-page optimization, which means optimizing your content, meta, images, and tags. Then consider the technical sides of SEO – does your website have good architecture? What is the visitors Experience (UX) like? Is it easy to navigate on site? Are you sure you want to link your web pages internally?

SEO Service Plans


$300 / month
  • Up to 10 keywords optimized
  • Competitor rankings, content, and link monitoring
  • Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • Local SEO Manually
  • ON page & 100 Backlinks


$390 / month
  • Up to 20 keywords optimized
  • Competitor rankings, content and link monitoring
  • Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • National SEO
  • ON page & 200+ Backlinks


$550 / month
  • Up to 40 keywords optimized
  • Competitor rankings, content and link monitoring
  • Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • International SEO
  • ON page & 500+ Backlinks


As per Client Requirement Monthly
  • Custom Keywords Optimized
  • Competitor rankings, content and link monitoring
  • Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • As Per Client Requirement
  • As Per Client Requirement